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कटु सत्य
आनन्द की ओर
साक्षरता का प्रकाश
प्रकृति और मानव जीवन
हस्त कौशल
घट और गुण
जीवन के रस
नव वर्ष
तुच्छ प्रयास
तरु और मनु
कवि की पत्नियाँ
कवि का इन्टरव्यू
गरीबी का सुख
चाल्र्स शोभराज
कल्पना और यथार्थ
वह होली
मेरा जीवन
नारी शक्ति
बाल श्रम
Contact Person : Roli Shukla
Email Id: info@rolishukla.co.in
          My birth in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow in the year 1972, made me realize, that I am the part of this world. My journey from childhood to adulthood was of good education and rich moral values. From the Convent school to Lucknow university campus, with education, I also tried to understand the value of life. Since my childhood, I was interested in writing poems and hosting stage shows. Creative writing and other creative things interested me. Being a psychology post graduate and UGC NET qualified, I worked as a lecturer in Lucknow University, and not just taught psychology as a subject to the students but also made them learn it as an art of effective living. I also tried to follow this art in my life too, understanding other people and understanding myself.
          After my marriage, I turned to Delhi, a city where I thought would give wings to my dreams. My childhood dreams were now taking real shapes. I got an opportunity to teach the art of psychology, at Amity University. Apart from teaching other aspects of my talents were eager to come out. I got various opportunities to prove my talents. People appreciated me in the field of training. My training clients were teachers, army officers, people from the corporate world and Delhi Police personnel. Self satisfaction which I got from these trainings is so unique, that I can still feel it. Apart from English language my mother tongue Hindi gave me lot of appreciation and respect. My Hindi Poems which were lying dead in my book self now started breathing in an open sky, breaking all the shakels. A bit late but still, I could see my new path, with lot of clarity. My pen, now had new life and Soul. My aspirations become stronger and I realized that the art or the talent, I have with me, why not share with others. I thought why not make good use of technology and try to explore, what people have in their mind and how they feel. Why not share my views with them and let them share then views with me. Suddenly, I realized that creating my own website is the best way to reach out people. People will read my poems and articles, will appreciate it, made corrections, and give me proper feedback, so that my creativity would enhance and I will be able to convey my views to them. Apart from teaching, training Poetry and article writing, I had good experiences of being voice-over artist. Voice is an effective way to come closer to people. If you have an impressive voice then you can convey to people your views, your thoughts in a very simple yet effective way. With the grace of Goddess Saraswati, this has helped me to enhance my personality. I did some voice over assignments which were telecasted an TV channels. People liked my voice and appreciated it. My self confidence started to built up more. And today I have realized that the art or talent within you, is never dependent on anybody. It’s you who has to take it out. And when it comes out it does wonders, which you have never thought about. You start breathing in such a carefree environment where the stream of emotions start flowing, the playful waves of creative thoughts flows in the direction, towards your destination, were you again find a new wave, which takes you to another new way. Let’s see, where my journey takes me. But I have this hope, this confidence that I will definitely reach my true destination. And if you are with me my journey would definitely be pleasurable and wonderful.
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